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For the aspiring young actor, the Theatre Department offers an intense, conservatory-styled, professional training program. While the major concentration is on acting, students are given the opportunity to study technical theatre and theatre management. Theatre Department training prepares students to enter into a professional acting career, college, university or conservatory, providing students with many career choices.

To read the full overview of the Theatre department, visit LACHSA's main site:




LACHSA's theatre teachers and Theatre Department Chair serve as mentors who guide and engage the students to understand and fulfill their potential as human beings through the power of theatre. To view the full list of faculty and read their bios, please click the button below. 

The four-year course of study provides a multi-dimensional experience that captures the breath and depth of theatre as an art form and exposes students to historical, contemporary, social, multicultural, and cutting-edge concepts in theatre. Students are actively involved as creators and evaluators of theatre arts. LACHSA theatre students graduate not only as trained actors with artistic integrity and shared standards of excellence, but critical thinkers, arts leaders and advocates for the theatre arts.




The LACHSA Theatre department welcomes students of all backgrounds and skill levels to apply! LACHSA's admission season is usually open between October and January.


To apply, you must meet a GPA minimum, submit an application, and participate in an audition. For more information, please click below:

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